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Idea validation

You will get a technological proposal, quick prototype and first experiments with analysis about the feasibility of the technology.


You will get custom prototype, software, algorithms to validate your business idea at the customers.


You will get all production files and automated scripts to start small or large scale production. If needed we will help to perfroam also the product certification.

Our team

We have a tight collaboration with the university and several industry partners.
Embedded Hardware

Embedded Hardware

We design embedded hardware within our team and also using long-term partners.

Embedded Software

Embedded Software

We have a long track record designing a embedded software within our team.

Machine Learning

Machine Learning

We have a strong competence in Machine Learning models, building custom architectures, training the model and optimizing its speed and size to run in real-time on the edge hardware.

Production and Certification

Production and Certification

We prepare all necessary software and hardware and connect you with the necessary production partner to start the production and automated testing. We use our partners to go though the certification process.


Selection of solutions we have developed

Electricity Consumption Monitoring

Smart energy consumption and remote monitoring solutions gives consumers a number of benefits and opportunities to better control their electricity consumption: reducing electricity costs, boiler automatic diagnostics, power grid quality monitoring.

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